Tuesday, November 2, 2010

People often said this is haunted song,sing this song if you wanna get curse I know nothing about the history…so forgive me if I'm wrong..help me to find the right sources and fact.

There are many versions of Ulek Mayang legend, according to one of them, the dance is originated from an ancient ritual of healing performed by a Malay Bomoh aka Shaman on a body of a fisherman which is in a deep state of unconsciousness. It is believed that the fisherman has been put under a spell by a princess of the sea who fall in love with him. The bomoh’s attempt to bring back the soul of the fisherman caused the princess to summons more of her sisters (5 of them) to charm the fisherman. The battle between the bomoh and the 6 princesses continued until the seventh and the eldest princess appeared and put an end to it.

"I know all your origins” says the eldest princess and she commands everyone, "Let those from the sea to return to the sea, and those from the land to return to the land".

The grateful Bomoh and the fisherman’s colleagues present the princess with coloured rice as an offerings, a ritual which continued to be practiced since then until the arrival of Islam, to pay their respects to the spirits of the sea.


misSbLurRy said...

kalau org ganu mmg langsung xleh dengar cter psl ulek mayang nie....bg diorg angker gile lagi2 siapa yang duduk area2 pantai...

eheheh, aku pernah tgk org terlalu taksub naynyi dan menari sampai ke rasuk....glurp...seram siol