Explorers claim Noah's Ark found on Mount Ararat

Friday, April 30, 2010

A group of evangelical researchers claim they have found the remains of Noah's Ark thousands of feet up Mount Ararat, its biblical resting place, in Turkey.

The exact location of the find has not been disclosed, but carbon dating conducted on wood and stone from the site has revealed their age as 4,800 years old, according to the scientists.

Further tests will be conducted on the items but one researcher claimed they were "99.9 per cent sure" the remains were that of the original Ark.

The wood structure discovered by the team is broken, so members entered the structure through various openings. Up to now, the team has discovered seven spaces.

1. One of the spaces discovered is frozen by ice. Under ice is wood with wood beam above. There is tenon construction on the wall and it is obvious artificial structure.

2. The space witnessed by Panda Lee is L-shaped. This is the first discovered space. It’s L-shaped and its features match well with some spaces discovered later, like tenon construction. We concluded that it was originally a box-shaped room and heavily decomposed.

3. This space stands at more than 5 metres high. Team members had to get through a broken opening and abseil down to get inside. All walls are wood and the space is not box-shaped. Strictly speaking, the walls are not vertical but rather curved and inclined. The small door on one side, of dimensions one meter high and half meter width, presumably leads to another space but our team did not risk going further due to the lack of oxygen.

4. This room is box-shaped, having a dimension of height, width and length of more than two metres. There is a wooden beam with wooden nails on one side of the wall. It is believed that a rope was hooked on these nails to keep animals in place. On another side of the wall, there are racks.

5. A very small tunnel-like space connects two spaces.

6. A few wooden staircases were found inside the structure, which seemingly craved by tree logs. Our team climbed one and found a door in the ceiling and concluded the wood structure has more than one floor. We tried to open it but failed. Since we did not want to destroy the structure, we will try again with appropriate equipment in the future.

7. The team has not entered this space. They viewed and took shots from a small opening above. The height and width are estimated to be 5 metres and 12 metres respectively. ”